Innocan Pharma™ is a specialty pharmaceutical company, developing products that harness the unique properties of Cannabinoids combined with smart delivery formulations.


A unique cannabinoid loaded Liposome Platform Technology (“LPT”) facilitating the targeted controlled administration of cannabinoids into the blood stream.

Highly Experienced Team – developed by a highly experienced R&D team in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, with significant expertise in liposomal delivery systems through to final stage [medicals / drugs].

Targeted Benefits – the technology can enable increased bioavailability, targeted at a specific organ or body part, with precise time and dosage control.

Positive Results – Initial positive results: (i) loading the liposome with a therapeutic dose of CBD and (ii) controlled release of CBD.

Worldwide Exclusive License – InnoCan holds the worldwide exclusive license to commercialize the research results and products developed from this technology.

Patent Pending – Patent application for the LPT was filed October 7, 2019

Monetization Model – LPT has the potential to become a licensing platform to large pharmaceutical companies for specific indications and/or cannabinoids.

Innocan Pharma™ presents a true pharma approach
to CBD.



Ron Mayron has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical & medical device arena and has held various, significant senior management positions, both local and global, within Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. During his career at Teva Ron served in various VP positions, his last role was CEO of Teva Israel and VP Israel and Africa. Ron’s core expertise are Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Merge Acquisitions, Business Development, Global Operation & supply Chain and Strategic Development.

Between the years 2007-2008 Ron managed the Commercial Affairs of the International Group, which included operations in more than 30 countries throughout Latin America, CEE (Central Eastern Europe) Asia and the Middle East North Africa. His main Responsibilities included: Global S.C.M, Product Portfolio, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and Business Development.

Between the years 2008-2009 Ron established and managed the new Russia & Regional Markets, Including Russia & CIS countries (ex-USSR), Croatia & ex-Yugoslavia and Middle East & North Africa countries.

Ron held key position as Vice President – Israel & Africa and CEO Teva Israel 2009-2013 where he was responsible for entering the infant formula market in a partnership with Groupe Danone SA (Euronext: BN) unit Nutricia, one of the most popular brands in Europe.

Ron has led Teva Israel to enter the contact lenses solutions market with the Optica All in One Natural brand.

He managed local and Global Distribution Projects, Planning and implementing “Supply Chain” solutions and overseeing the building of distribution centers at Teva’s subsidiaries in Israel, Hungary, England and Poland.

Ron was responsible for developing the Teva Israel growth strategy and entering new business activities in healthcare.

As a result of his rising business conduct, the company has increased its income for more than $650 million in 2013.

Ron serves on several Board of Directors as an active chairman and director, of public and private companies, and holds a B.Sc. – Industrial Engineering Management, from Ben Gurion University and M.B.A from Tel-Aviv University.

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