Why is Generation Z Switching to CBD for Skincare?

CBD or Cannabidiol has taken the cosmetic world by storm in recent times. If you take a walk down the beauty products and skincare aisle at any supermarket, you will find an impressive line up of products that proudly proclaim CBD as one of the ingredients. The inclusion of CBD is greeted with very mixed reactions. The fact that it is associated with marijuana makes a number of people balk at the very idea of using CBD in their lotions and creams. Mostly this segment is comprised of those who have some idea about this compound and what it comes from but are not completely in the know about this natural compound. However, the heartening fact is that CBD skincare products like facial serum, face cream, glow oil seems to be accepted and preferred by Generation Z, especially those who have a clearer picture of CBD is and why it is not to be confused with marijuana.

So, what exactly is CBD or cannabidiol?

CBD is sourced from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The biggest reason for the many concerns about CBD is that it is often confused with marijuana or hemp. While both marijuana and hemp belong to this same category (Cannabis), marijuana has a very high level of what is called THC. It is THC that causes the user to get a high when marijuana is taken. CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from hemp, which has less than 0.2% of THC.

If you have been avoiding CBD products because of the fear of its psychoactive nature, well, you can stop worrying right now. CBD may come from the same plant family, but it is not the same as marijuana; it does not give you a high. That’s because the THC content in CBD is much lower than in marijuana, so this is one concern that should not keep you from enjoying the many benefits that CBD products have to offer.

What is also interesting is that CBD has been in use for centuries as a medical product, and it has been commonly in use as a painkiller and also to deal with anxiety. This is, in effect, an age-old remedy from nature that has been used in cultures across the world!

Why does a product from Cannabis sativa help your skin?

It might be surprising that a product from this plant is actually helpful for the skin. After all, what does cannabis have to do with your body, right? Well, the fact is that the human body already has its own cannabinoids. These are called endocannabinoids, and their function is to shore up the skin’s ability to stay healthy, well moisturized, blemish-free, and glowing. When the endocannabinoid system of the skin takes a hit, you can see multiple issues cropping up, including skin irritations, acne, dryness, itch, and more. While not everything has been learned about CBD and its benefits for skin, studies have shown that this compound aids the body in keeping your skin healthy and clear.

The many skincare benefits of CBD

CBD has diverse benefits to offer for great-looking skin. The compound is versatile, which is why it is growing in popularity now both among skincare brands as well as new-age customers. But exactly how can CBD help you? What problems can it address? What benefits does it offer?

CBD as an anti-aging facial serum

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. As age advances, this is the organ that starts showing the signs first and most evidently. Compare the skin of an elderly person with that of an infant, and you can see the drastic difference instantly be it in the dryness or lines or wrinkles or lack of elasticity in the elder’s skin.

It is common knowledge that anti-oxidants keep your skin looking healthy and young. In fact, anti-oxidants can reverse the premature signs of aging such as wrinkles, creases, and lifeless skin, and restore good health and youth to your complexion.

CBD has anti-oxidants aplenty, especially the most potent vitamin C and vitamin E, both of which are specifically very beneficial for the skin. Thanks to these anti-oxidants, CBD helps in reducing the impact of free radicals on your skin. With free radicals reduced, the adverse impact on skin – the damage done to it and the appearance of signs of aging, such as dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, also slows down. Further damage to the skin is avoided because the anti-oxidants keep free radicals away.

This is not all. When your CBD facial cream product has the cannabidiol extracted from hemp, this compound also comes fortified with Omega 6 and Omega 3. Both of these are essential fatty acids that promote the production of collagen. As you know, collagen keeps your skin looking young, and it keeps skin elastic and youthful. With adequate collagen, the skin remains properly hydrated, and the water loss is constricted. Studies have shown that topical CBD ointment is a non- invasive, safe treatment method for certain skin disorders. Research also shows that the results are most dramatic with skin inflammations. This is why a CBD-based face cream or glow oil is so effective.

Fighting psoriasis with CBD

Psoriasis is a disease that damages healthy skin cells, resulting in the formation of a scaly top surface. These patches of affected skin can be itchy in the extreme, red, and sore. The condition can become quite painful if left unattended, and it can spread easily as well to the other parts of the body, worsening the problem very quickly. This autoimmune illness causes the acceleration of the skin cell life cycle. As a result, the cells begin to build up on the skin surface resulting in patches that seem scaly to the touch. These may also appear as red spots on the skin surface.

Psoriasis is not an easy condition to address, and the treatment may be long drawn as well. The priority is to reduce inflammation so that the discomfort and pain can be addressed quickly. This is where CBD proves to be very effective.

CBD based creams and lotions work in two ways to help with psoriasis. One, it helps with the inflammation. Two, it helps curb the multiplication of cells that results in scale formation. As per a report published in Psoriasis.org, CBD oil offers immense benefits for this condition. The report also mentions a study published in the Journal of Dermatological that conclusively indicated how CBD inhibits the multiplication of skin cells.

Soothing sensitive skin with CBD

For those who have ultra-sensitive skin, finding a glow oil or facial cream that does not spark off rashes or cause other issues can be a Herculean task. Thankfully, CBD has proven to be a very gentle ingredient to use in skincare products that also has other beneficial properties to tackle skin ailments. CBD is not only mild enough to suit the most sensitive skin type, but it is seen to be a non-irritant and soothing. Application of a CBD facial cream works well to get rid of itches and dryness as well, both common problems faced by those with sensitive skin. Managing dry skin can be a big challenge in itself. Over moisturize, and you could end up clogging the pores, which results in skin eruptions. Under moisturize, and you have dry, itchy skin that looks lifeless. A CBD based facial cream has a good balance of nutrients that helps moisturize your skin without making it extra oily. Since CBD does not interfere with the sebaceous glands, it has benefits both ways- it helps dry skin stay moisturized, and it curbs the oil secretion in patches where skin tends to be extra oily. You can use a CDB sleeping mask to let this wonder compound works its magic on your skin overnight, soothing and moisturizing it optimally.

CBD also addresses the problem of excessive oil secretion that leads to problems like acne and pimples. Since it also hydrates and keeps the skin moisturized, this makes CBD the perfect ingredient to use in facial creams and glow oils for those with oily plus dry skin, a tough combination to care for. This aspect makes CBD based products ideal for those with blemish-prone skin too. With negligible side effects, CBD is an all-rounder when it comes to soothing and maintaining your skin no matter how carefully you have to nourish it.

Get rid of acne with CBD

Acne is a very common problem among teens, but that does not mean adults do not suffer from this ailment. When you have dead cells or excess oil or dirt clogging your skin’s pores, bacteria flourish in these areas, giving rise to acne. When it gets out of hand, acne can result in angry red spots on the skin that can be painful as well. If left untreated or if picked at, the scar can be permanent.

While keeping your skin clean and dirt free is essential, it is equally important to find a skincare product that is not oily enough to clog up the pores. CBD offers exactly the kind of product you need. This compound not only controls oil production in the skin but also address the inflammation that acne produces.

Managing Eczema

You already saw how CBD is effective in dealing with psoriasis, but there is another skin condition, a most common one that can be tackled with CBD based skin products. Eczema is a common problem in the U.S., and often, it is tough to tell the difference between the two skin ailments. In children, eczema is more common than psoriasis, but it is possible to tell the two apart if you know what to pay attention to. While both make red spots appear on the skin with a scaly texture, eczema affected skin may seem crusty and oozy. Swelling is far more common with eczema. The itch is unbearable with eczema, and often, it may be impossible to avoid scratching even if you start to bleed.

Nationaleczema.org has published an article on how CBD may be helpful in dealing with this painful skin condition. According to this article, Dr. Piffard, known as one of the founders of American dermatology, wrote in his textbook that cannabis Indica afforded relief to the itching caused by eczema. In recent times, many studies have been carried out that indicate the effectiveness of CBD in such skin conditions. CBD not only addresses the skin dryness that accompanies eczema but also the skin inflammation, thus playing a dual role in treatment.

A multipurpose skincare product

It is quite clear that CBD is quite a versatile product when it comes to skincare. Anti- inflammatory, anti-ageing, anti-itching and anti-dryness, CBD works on the sebaceous glands to keep the oil balance in the skin at appropriate levels. With this compound having such a range of benefits to offer, it is easy to see why Gen Z is being drawn increasingly towards CBD-based skincare products. But how do you choose from among the innumerable such products on the shelves?

  • Pay attention to the brand. Reputed brands give you tested products that undergo stringent quality control processes, so you have a perfectly safe, effective skincare solution in your hands.
  • Reputed brands clearly mention any third-party certification they have for the product. Such certification assures you of the purity of the product and gives you a good, objective evaluation tool.
  • Check the label and see the listing of ingredients. CBD may be used alongside other compounds, and you have to ensure you are not allergic to any of the others.
  • Also, check the label to know what kind of CBD is used (extracted from where) and how much of it is present in the product. If there is too little of it, the benefits you gain would be restricted too. A quick note on what different terms may mean:

o Isolate: pure CBD and no other cannabinoids

o Full-spectrum: May contain everything that you find in hemp along with the CBD

o Board spectrum: No active THC is detected. The level of THC is well within 0.3%

Keep these points in mind when you are shopping for your CBD skincare product, and you can ensure that you have a safe, effective, and truly beneficial skincare product in your hands.


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