How CBD Can Help Alleviate Musculoskeletal Pain

Pain may be of two types- musculoskeletal and nerve-related. Musculoskeletal pain affects the muscles, bones, tendons, nerves, and ligaments, and it can be restricted to one area or spread over a large part of your body. This kind of pain can start quite suddenly or be a more persistent chronic, long-lasting pain. No matter which kind it is, musculoskeletal pain is likely to be very debilitating, and it can impair your quality of life rather drastically. This kind of pain is surprisingly more common than you would think. For example, many kinds of lower back pain, a very common affliction, fall under the category of musculoskeletal pain. So do joint inflammations and arthritic pain. These may affect people of all ages and are not restricted only to elders.

Studies show that millions of people across the U.S. are affected by such kinds of pain every year. These may arise from injuries sustained at home or workplace, car accidents, or even sports injuries. Age or immune disorders may also result in such pain, and so can lifestyle problems like long periods of inactivity or bad posture. Overuse results in musculoskeletal pain in about 33% of adults. As is evident, this kind of pain can affect anyone, at almost any stage of life, and it can have some serious detrimental impact on your life. It is imperative to find a remedy that really works quickly and effectively if you are suffering from musculoskeletal pain.

Today, you find a number of pain relief spray, pain relief roll-on, and pain relief cream products for this kind of pain that contain CBD or cannabidiol. If you are not aware of the recent storm that has taken place in the pain relief and skincare segment, then this may come as quite a surprise for you. Just walk down the aisle of a beauty store or the health section of your supermarket and you will that there are innumerable products with CBD in them in these two aisles. Over the past few years, this compound has created huge waves in these segments as its benefits begin to be explored more deeply and research-backed validation of its positive effects continue to impress experts and consumers alike.

However, before you start using any product that you are unfamiliar with, it is a good practice to learn more about it and understand how it works and why. With CBD, there is an additional question that you may have – is it safe? This is a common question for those who have not used CBD products before, and the doubt is valid because CBD also comes from the same plant species from which marijuana is extracted. So, will a CBD pain spray have harmful effects? Will your CBD pain roll-on have a psychoactive effect upon you? Will you feel drowsy or lose track of time if you use a CBD oil?

Why CBD is NOT the same as marijuana

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis sativa, the same plant species that marijuana comes from. This gives rise to the concerns that CBD too might give you a ‘high’, and this is one reason many people hesitate to try CBD products. However, the fact is that CBD does NOT have a psychoactive effect on you, meaning that there is no risk of getting high after the use of a product containing CBD.

There are two main varieties of cannabis sativa that are grown for various purposes. The species contains over 100 chemical compounds that are known as cannabinoids and that have some very impressive benefits to offer. Both these plant varieties are pretty similar but with one very significant difference- the content of what is called THC, which is the compound that gives you the high. In marijuana, the THC content is substantial, and hence it has a psychoactive effect on you. In hemp, you have very low THC, less than 0.3%, and this is where CBD mainly comes from. This low THC content is why CBD cannot give you a high, nor can it have any kind of sedative effect on you. Remember that CBD is present in both variants of the plant but for the pain relief roll-ons, pain relief sprays, face creams, and skincare range, the CBD is usually extracted from hemp.

How does CBD help with pain management?

CBD is quite a versatile compound. It is used in a range of skin care products like facial serum, face cream, anti-aging facial serum, glow oil, sleeping mask, body oil, eye serum, recovery lotion, and facial cream. It is also used in pain relief products such as pain relief spray, pain relief roll-on, and pain relief cream. But why is it so effective for such a range of needs, and how does it work?

Interestingly, our body has its own endocannabinoid system, and CBD works so effectively because it has an impact on this system. The cannabinoid receptor CB1 is located in our central nervous system, and it impacts our movement, coordination, appetite, mood, memory, and pain. CB2 is another receptor that is present in the peripheral nervous system, and this receptor works on pain and inflammation.

When you use a CBD product, you stimulate this endocannabinoid system and prompt it to activate these receptors in a beneficial way. In addition, studies also show that CBD may act upon the TRPV1 receptor that regulates pain and inflammation.

CBD has not been explored much in the past, but the fact remains that it has been a recurring theme in traditional medicine across the globe. There are quite a few well-documented instances of CBD or cannabinoid extracts being used in various traditional skincare creams and balms with gratifying effects. In recent times, the compound has come back into the limelight after many of its benefits have been revealed by research and use. In 2018 the FDA even approved a pure CBD extract product to be used for epilepsy, thus giving a shot in the arm to CBD proponents and brands that use it in their product lines.

More research is underway to explore how CBD may be used for other ailments or for relief in specific disorders, but as of now, there is a good body of work that suggests this compound can be used safely for pain relief arising from many different factors.

What do experts say about CBD for pain relief?

In a survey carried out in 2019, 55% of the participants said that they had tried CBD based products for relaxation, while 50% said that they used it for stress relief. 44% stated that they used CBD based pain relief products for muscle pain. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to show that CBD is effective in dealing with pain, particularly back pain, by reducing inflammation, improving sleep, and thus allowing the person to rest the aching muscles more efficiently. The compound also combats the stress caused by continuous pain.

A study done way back in 2013 indicated that cannabinoids offer analgesic relief in ‘various pain states’. This study specifically said that CBD might have a positive effect in cases where there is pain combined with inflammation. One of the biggest advantages of CBD as a pain relief remedy is that this allows the individual to avoid opioids to reduce the pain. In the U.S., prescription drug overdose is a leading cause of fatalities by accidental death. With alternatives to opioids, this fatality rate can be curbed substantially, and CBD pain relief sprays and pain relief roll-ons help here immensely.

A study done on this subject involved 2897 medical cannabis users and gathered data from them. A majority of the participants said that cannabis was as effective as their other pain meds, but it did not have the undesirable side effects of the latter. An impressive 97% of the respondents said that they could decrease the opiates they consumed for pain when they opted for CBD based pain relief. 81% said that taking only CBD based pain relief was a preferred option than CBD plus their regular pain meds. The feedback shows that not only is CBD effective in helping with pain relief, but it is also preferred because of the lack of side effects that come with other pain meds.

In a study carried out in 2011, the effect of CBD on fibromyalgia was studied. Fibromyalgia is one of the leading causes of musculoskeletal pain and also one of the most debilitating conditions that require immediate, effective relief. In this study, 28 patients suffering from this condition used CBD based pain relief products and another set of 28 patients with the condition did not. Among the CBD users, the mode of ingestion was different – some vaped the CBD, some took it orally, while others used both methods. After a two-hour-long use of CBD, the patients in the user group showed significantly reduced pain levels, they seemed more relaxed and less stiff and also felt better in terms of overall well-being. The researchers concluded that CBD did result in beneficial effects on the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

A study that was focused on the effect of transdermal CBD for addressing pain and inflammation in rats concluded that a CBD gel significantly reduced swelling in joints and improved the limb posture. The researchers decided that CBD has good potential as a pain relief remedy for pain relief and inflammation and also has no apparent side effects that could be a cause for concern. CBD has been found very effective in subduing pain from arthritis-related problems, and many CBD products are in use today by patients who report good results.

For sportspersons who often experience pain from overuse or injury during practice or workouts, CBD plus THC pain relief products are seen to offer immediate relief not just from pain but also from stiffness. Even musculoskeletal pain from exercise appears to reduce when CBD plus THC products are used. Many athletes find these products very useful, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to prove the efficacy of the compound. Research on this subject is underway. In particular, this offers a viable alternative for athletes who have to resort to NSAIDs for pain relief, which are no longer as safe as they were thought to be earlier. There is a risk of renal damage in athletes who pursue specific types of sports, and for them, alternatives that can be applied topically are ideal.

The advantages of CBD topical relief pain relief

The biggest advantage with CBD pain relief spray, pain relief roll-on or pain relief cream is, of course, that it is quick-acting and effective. This means when you sustain an injury, you can instantly get relief if you have a roll-on or a spray at hand. These pain relief remedies can be carried around everywhere with ease, so they are ideal for when you are traveling too.

Since they are applied over your skin, you can target the exact area where you experience the pain and enjoy quicker relief. A tablet takes longer time to work than a topical application like this. These are easy to apply as well, and they have been seen to have no significant side effects, which is a risk with excessive tablet consumption.

For many who do not prefer taking tablets or who have problems ingesting them, topical measures like CBD sprays and creams are the ideal solution to address pain. Elders may often balk at taking too many tablets or may find it difficult to swallow tablets. In such situations, the use of a CBD pain relief spray is a very useful and convenient alternative.

Choose the right brand to buy from, which has a good reputation in the market place and good reviews from customers when you are shopping for your CBD pain relief spray, cream, or roll-on. That is one simple way to ensure that the product you buy is both effective and safe. Check out CBD Plus and CBD Must for the best CBD-based products.

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