CBD Topicals are the Best When You’re Out in the Sun: Here’s Why

Sunshine, especially from the summer sun, is a marvelous thing to feel on your skin. It refreshes you and helps you stay energized and active all day long. It’s also your best source for Vitamin D. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight isn’t safe either. Modern life makes us forget about our skincare ever so often. We rush out of our houses in the early morning, hurrying to get to our offices in time. Even on a relaxing day at the beach, we forget our sunscreen bottles and end up sunburnt.

Even if we try and find the best sunscreen, facial serum, recovery lotion, or burn damage cream out there, we often don’t find something that is super-effective. Most skincare products related to sun protection or sun and pollution damage do not work the way they should. Even after applying multiple layers of them, your epidermal skin ends up receiving harsh treatment from the sun. The consequences of this harsh sun treatment are numerous – production of free radicals, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark and spotted pigmentation, acne breakouts, inflammation, sunburn, and more.

To tackle all your skincare problems arising due to the hot and harsh Sun, CBD topicals have been found to be super-effective. Manufactured using CBD, a chemical component found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD topicals are available in the form of numerous products, such as facial serum, face cream, anti-aging facial serum, glow oil, eye serum, body oil, recovery lotion, and more.

Let’s have a closer and detailed look at why CBD topicals are the best when you’re out in the sun and what all skincare problems they can tackle superbly.

Why are CBD topicals good for your skin, especially when you’re in the sun?

CBD is a component that is very high in antioxidants. Other than this, they are also very effective anti-inflammatory agents. Numerous researches have also proven that CBD reduces pain, inflammation and prevents bacterial infections from happening. This can be attributed to its antibacterial properties and its potential to lock moisture in the skin. But how do these properties relate to CBD topicals being an effective product when you are out in the skin? Here’s why.

Our modern lives involve prolonged exposure to sunlight. Whether we are out on a sunny day relaxing or traveling to our offices through crowded and jam-packed roads, we continually are exposed to the harsh sun rays and pollution. Both, when coupled together, cause a great deal of damage to our skin, causing the production of free radicals.

CBD topicals to protect against free radicals and skin cancer

The free radicals are responsible for developing advanced signs of aging at a very young age. Fine lines, wrinkles, spotted pigmentation, and uneven skin tone are just the basic skin problems that arise due to the production of free radicals. In severe cases, increased production of these free radicals can even result in skin cancer. These free radicals damage your DNA and protein cross-linking, which can cause cancerous cells to form in our skin.

To tackle the issue of increased free radicals production, antioxidants are the best contenders. These antioxidants, when provided to your body in plenty, can soak up free radicals, thus preventing and minimizing any harm that can be done by them. While vegetables and fruits such as artichokes, kale, goji berries, raspberries, and so on are said to be the best sources of antioxidants, there are other sources as well, such as CBD. Antioxidant supplements are not as effective; however, CBD topical products are loaded with antioxidants.

CBD topicals, such as facial serum, face cream, anti-aging facial serum, glow oil, eye serum, and so on, when used continually and properly, can protect your skin against the production of free radicals, thus protecting you against premature aging and skin cancer. They even out your skin tone, reduce signs of dark and spotted pigmentation, provide elasticity and moisturization to your skin to reduce wrinkle and fine lines, and provide an overall healthy glow.

CBD topicals to protect against sunburns

Continued exposure to the harmful UV Rays of the sun can also cause severe sunburns. Your skin becomes incredibly red due to the burns and feels inflamed, pained, and highly uncomfortable. In severe cases, sunburn can even cause your skin to peel off. The process of healing in such cases is incredibly poor and prolonged. The longer your healing takes, the longer you suffer from inflammation and pain.

CBD topicals are a great option to not only prevent such severe sunburns from happening but also provide healing in the case that it does happen. CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. A study published in the Journal of Controlled Release in 2003 proves that CBD is an incredibly potent and effective anti-inflammatory agent. CBD topicals, such as recovery lotions, body oils, face serums, face creams, and more, can help soothe your sunburnt skin by reducing redness and swelling and accelerate the healing process.

Moreover, CBD is also a very potent antibacterial agent. Sunburn of any severity is highly prone to bacterial infections. If an infection occurs, there are high chances of you contracting a fever and other severe problems. Maintaining a hygiene area in the places where you have gotten a sunburn can be tough since other disinfectants can sting a lot. CBD topicals are a great alternative to such problems. They help keep the area clean and prevent any bacterial infections from occurring.

Other than providing relief from your skin’s inflammatory response to a sunburn, CBD topicals can also assist in dealing with the pain one feels on account of a sunburn. In a study published in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, it has been proved that CBD is a potent component not just for the treatment of minor but also severe and chronic pain. Thus, using CBD topicals such as pain relief sprays, pain relief roll-ons, pain relief creams, and pain relief oils can help you manage the pain of a sunburn effectively.

CBD topicals to treat acne

An adverse effect of continued sun exposure found in many people is severe acne. Due to dehydration and lack of moisturization, along with the harsh damage of UV rays and pollutants, your skin can break out very easily. This results in severe acne, which becomes too uncontrollable, and treatment via traditional medicines and creams is often rendered ineffective.

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of CBD are highly useful in taking care of such severe acne breakouts. CBD helps reduce oil or sebum production in your skin and locks in moisture. With your skin not producing excess oil and staying continually moisturized, the severity of an acne breakout is reduced manifold. Moreover, with continued positive effects provided to your skin by the usage of CBD topicals, these acne breakouts can be completely stopped as well.

CBD topicals to protect sensitive skin

While any type of skin can be heavily damaged by the sun, sensitive skin is most prone to it. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause your sensitive skin to develop rashes, become dry, and also incredibly itchy and inflamed. These problems take a long time to go away, and usual moisturizing lotions do not do the job of relieving all symptoms. Doctors often prescribe zinc or salicylic acid-based products to deal with this issue; however, they aren’t very effective for several patients.

CBD topicals can be a great option for those people who have sensitive skin and have suffered the consequences of prolonged sun exposure. Generous and continuous application of CBD topicals can help relieve rashes, redness, eczema, psoriasis, dryness, and inflammation. Since CBD topicals are not harsh in nature, they are incredibly well-suited for sensitive skin.

Why are CBD topicals so potent in skincare?

CBD topicals have high bioavailability. This means that when they are applied directly on the skin surface, their potency increases manifold when compared to ingestible CBD oils or pills. CBD topicals come in direct contact with the skin and are absorbed in a much effective rate. Usual skincare products could be as powerful as you wish them to be; however, you cannot control the amount of absorption in your skin. That is not the case with CBD topicals.

Moreover, CBD Liposomes based CBD Topicals have also been doing the rounds in the market for a few years now. Even though further research on them is still pending, liposomal CBD topicals are even more potent and bioavailable than normal CBD topicals. With a high absorption rate, the effectiveness of these CBD topicals is more than you can ever imagine with any other product.

CBD topicals as a precaution against sun damage

You also do not have to wait until your sensitive skin gets damaged by the sun to start using CBD topical products. In rare severe cases, the damage might be too much to salvage by the use of CBD topicals. These products are incredibly safe and can be used in your regular skincare regime as well.

Many people have been continuously using CBD topicals such as facial serum, face cream, anti-aging facial serum, sunscreen lotions, glow oil, eye serum, and so on, and have made them a regular part of their skincare regime. This helps prevent any sun damage so that you do not have to deal with the consequences of it. Like it is always said, ‘prevention is better than cure,’ CBD topicals do just that.

An important CBD topical in this scenario is sunscreen lotion. With good-enough SPF and advanced properties such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, CBD-based sunscreen lotions work like your first defense against sun damage. They are incredibly powerful in preventing any sun damage from taking place. Be it to stop the formation of free radicals or keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, CBD-based sunscreen lotions can be your saving grace.

A little amount of CBD-based sunscreen lotion can last you quite a couple of hours. However, if you are out in the sun swimming, exercising, or working, be sure to re-apply the sunscreen every two hours or so. This makes sure that you aren’t low on sunscreen so that you can get continued protection.

inding the best CBD topicals to protect your skin against the sun

CBD topicals can be a big blessing to your skincare. However, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. Also, you should know how to pick the right CBD topical product so that you get the best value for your money. Before anything else, consult with your doctor regarding the use of CBD topicals. Ask them whether the medications or drugs that you might be on interfere with the use of CBD topicals and render them ineffective.

There are several analgesics, antibiotics, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and other drugs that can potentially interfere with the working mechanism of CBD. Ensuring that you aren’t on any such medication will help you boost the effectiveness of CBD topicals. Further, you also need to pay close attention to the bottle of the CBD topical product for several important reasons.

First of all, in the ingredients section, it should clearly mention the word ‘Cannabidiol.’ This is the only term compliant with the CDC, FDA, and INCI. You should avoid any products that do not mention this and rather mention hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract. You also need to look for the individual components present by volume in cannabidiol. This increases the legitimacy of the CBD topical.

Other than this, it is advisable to buy CBD topical products that do not come in a glass or transparent bottle. The potency and effectiveness of CBD can be affected if it is placed in light or sunlight. Look for CBD topical products that come in closed packaging and have no transparent or translucent walls that can expose the content inside. It is also advisable to buy products that are completely airtight.

CBD products have continued to grow in effectiveness and popularity and are being rapidly adopted by people for numerous medical benefits. Properly extracted CBD topicals, when used under the advice of a doctor, can bring superb and effective results and provide you all the protection you need when you are out in the sun.

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