Innocan Pharma™ was established in October 2017, following years of intensive research and analysis into medical cannabis activity in Israel and its potential to contribute to the global pharmaceutical industry.

The Innocan Pharma™ Team enjoys the capabilities of leading Israeli pharmaceutical industry executives, including Ron Mayron, former CEO of Teva Israel, Yoram Druker Co-founder Pluristem, Brainstorm and Cell Source Ltd, Iris Bincovich developing global business strategies ( Kamedis, Efal), and Nir Avram VP R&D at Careline and was previously  a member of the pharmaceutical innovation team at Perrigo. Innoca Pharma™ believes that by merging pharma, science, and the therapeutic benefits of Cannabinoids, it is possible to create a truly effective over the counter topical treatments product line.

Innocan Pharma™ is also working to develop pharmaceutical new field related to cannabinoids such as the new platform to facilitate the targeted controlled administration of cannabinoids (such as CBD) via injection (Injectable-products).