CBD Cosmetics Are Worth The Hype: Here’s Why

Whether it’s candles, clothing, or chocolates, CBD is an ingredient that is now being used in almost everything, including skincare and beauty. For those who’re not familiar with CBD or cannabidiol, this is a chemical compound that is naturally present in different types of cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. There are two key active ingredients in cannabis, and one of them is CBD (the other is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol).

A recent report from Market Watch reveals that the estimated value of the global market for CBD cosmetics is more than $580 million (North America being the leader). Also, Grand View Research predicts that by 2025, this value may increase to nearly $1.7 billion. From creams and sunscreens to serums and chapsticks, there is a wide range of CBD products being sold in beauty stores worldwide, and here’s why they’re worth all the hype.


The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) also acknowledges the potential benefits of cannabis-derived compounds and offers several informative resources to both manufacturing agencies and consumers for its safe use. One of the resources from the FDA library explains how cannabis is derived from the Cannabaceae plant family and has over 80 biologically-active compounds. Among them, the most commonly known are THC and CBD. The former is a component known to offer the “high,” which is associated with the use of marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, has multiple potential health benefits and is not intoxicating.

The definition of cosmetics, as per the FDA, is as follows:

“Articles intended to be rubbed poured, sprinkled or sprayed on . . . or otherwise applied to the human body . . . for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering appearance.”

Unlike drugs and food, cosmetics and its ingredients do not require pre-market approval. The FDA takes into consideration consumer feedback for monitoring the cosmetics/beauty industry. Though cosmetics aren’t regulated as tightly as other products, the FDA still has regulatory authority over them and their ingredients.

CBD, as mentioned earlier, is not an intoxicating chemical; instead, it has calming properties that have proven to be extremely effective in relieving common skin problems. As an ingredient in skin and beauty products, it can help reduce inflammation and give your skin a boost of antioxidants. It is also known to help tackle certain severe skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

CBD is typically extracted in the form of powder and can be mixed with hemp, coconut or olive oil, as this helps improve its effectiveness and application. Additionally, it is critical to understand that there is a difference between hemp seed and CBD oil, the former also being a popular ingredient in skincare products. They might be marketed interchangeably; however, CBD oil, unlike hemp seed, has a rich concentration of cannabidiol.

The most important difference between the two is that CBD oil has several medicinal benefits, such as minimizing anxiety, calming inflamed skin, and promoting sleep. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, has high amounts of vitamin E, linolenic acid, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Below are some key benefits of using CBD beauty products:

  • Control/treatment of acne

Research over decades has proven acne to be a type of inflammatory condition. There might be multiple factors triggering acne in different people, and they typically use products to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. This, in turn, helps minimize breakouts, as well as redness.

Studies indicate that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is thus an excellent ingredient for skin products aimed to treat acne. It has calming benefits that can help soothe reactive skin, making it both feel and look better.

There is also research to indicate that CBD-infused skincare products have the effect of reducing the production of excess sebum and may help balance the overall flow of oil in the skin. For skin experts, CBD is turning out to be a great alternative to retinoid since it helps control/treat two aspects of acne formation- oil production and inflammation. Retinoid has the effect of making the skin worse and then showing positive results. This means that initially, using retinoid may lead to increased inflammation- more peeling, redness, and dryness.

  • Reduction of wrinkles & more youthful skin

Since CBD is derived from plants, its oil is known to have powerful antioxidant properties. It is a well-researched fact that cosmetics and skincare products like facial serums and face creams with antioxidants can help minimize aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin. A CBD-infused anti-aging facial serum can counter damage from free radicals and reduce the appearance of inflammation. For those who have a rugged skin texture, dull and poor skin tone, CBD cosmetics might be the ideal choice, as they can make the skin look and feel better.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

A key benefit of using CBD-infused cosmetics and beauty products is that they are perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. The soothing and normalizing effects of CBD may help address issues such as skin reactivity and redness. Environmental stressors are bound to affect all types of skin, but using CBD products regularly can help keep your skin in a naturally healthy condition.

Some common CBD products being launched by skincare companies include the following:

  • CBD Eye Serum

A CBD eye serum can help reduce under-eye puffiness and fine lines that tend to appear on the face with time. Some CBD serums contain hyaluronic acid and cannabis seed oil that has the effect of plumping and nourishing the skin.

  • CBD Glow Oil

Different CBD glow oils, readily available in the market nowadays, may contain adaptogens and hemp seed extract (oil) in addition to CBD. With regular use of a CBD glow oil, you will notice visibly calmer and hydrated skin, as well as reduced redness. When buying a glow oil, look for a minimally processed option that retains all the powerful cannabinoids present in the plant from which it is extracted. You may also find the ingredient Ashwagandha in some CBD glow oils. This is an Ayurvedic herb that can help save your skin from all kinds of environmental stressors, such as UV rays, daily stress, poor sleep, and pollution, among others.

  • CBD Facial Cream

CBD facial creams are typically sold as concentrated moisturizers formulated with a mix of hydrating flavonoids such as broccoli, black cumin, and red grape, which can help soothe skin.

  • CBD Fragrance

With a slew of cosmetics, wellness, and skincare companies jumping into the cannabis market with their own CBD products, how could fragrances be left behind? There are several brands launching “functional fragrances” these days, which are a combination of CBD oil and traditional scent and may get absorbed in your bloodstream. These fragrances are said to have therapeutic effects on the wearer.

  • CBD Sleeping Mask

Sleeping mask and CBD? You might be wondering how the two go together, but such a product is available in the market now and has many customers. While the composition of these CBD sleeping masks may vary, the added ingredient offers complimentary benefits when infused into the mask. For instance, lavender and CBD oil sleeping mask may help reduce visible scar tissues on your face and has a naturally pleasant odor.

  • CBD Lip Balm & Lip Gloss

Companies selling natural beauty and skincare products are also getting into the cannabis spectrum and coming up with unique CBD products. You’ll find a range of CBD glosses and balms in their catalogs that are formulated by mixing with other oils like sunflower seed, chamomile, jojoba seed, and aloe. The combination of CBD and these individual oils works really well to give your lips a boost of hydration and nourishment, and prevents dryness and chapping. These lip care and other makeup products are ideal for those who’re looking to stick to all-natural beauty and don’t want to use any sort of chemicals in their daily regime.

Mixing CBD with other oils

There is currently a massive trend of combining CBD oil with various other oils to treat skin and address a range of health issues. For instance, the mix of grape seed and CBD oil is being used as a tincture because it has multiple key benefits, such as muscle relief and reduction of inflammation. Hence, it can be utilized for treating cramps, migraines, rosacea, sunburns, and various other conditions.

The way CBD works

If we get into biology, we will find that the human body produces a compound called ‘anandamide,’ which is very similar to cannabis. It is also sometimes referred to as the “bliss molecule.” One of the natural effects of CBD is that it can boost the body’s own endocannabinoid levels, suggests Michele Ross from Infused Health, which is a cannabis health coaching and education program. The rise in the levels of anandamide in the brain and body is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, she adds.

When you take a CBD supplement or consume it in any other edible form, it goes into your bloodstream, just like Tylenol, and pings the several endocannabinoid receptors of the body. On the other hand, when you apply it topically, that is, onto your skin, the impact is only on the specific area where the application has been done. There is an unlikely chance that the product will penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream, so it will get collected in the superficial layers of the skin.


Today, the beauty and skincare industry is undergoing a sort of cultural shift. Consumers across the globe are becoming more open to trying different kinds of products after reading about their benefits. There are numerous celebrity evangelists, such as Melissa McCarthy, Kim Kardashian, and Emma Roberts, backing the efficacy of CBD cosmetics and skincare. These endorsements by celebrities and skincare experts also play a vital role in influencing people. Since cannabis use has become legal in most parts of the US, a greater number of people are getting an opportunity to experience this plant and its many unexplored benefits.

Clearly, the trend of CBD products is on the rise, and it will continue to be the hottest ingredient in beauty in the near future. This is already evident from the launch of numerous types of color cosmetics, wellness supplements, and skincare products in the global market, tending to the evolving consumer interests in the benefits of the plant.

Brands are increasingly looking to tap into cannabis while analyzing and testing its several ingredients containing different amounts of CBD. There is also the rise of “holiday” brands, which are attracting frequent travelers with a range of unique new products that promise relaxation, a calming effect, and minimization of inflammation. These may include sleeping masks, bath bombs, pain-relief creams, sunscreens, and other such sellable products. So, for example, if you’re going to the beach for a vacation, a CBD sunscreen would be the perfect thing to carry in your beauty bag.

The formulation of all CBD-infused products is done using broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil; some are even made with CBD isolate. Although research on the benefits of CBD is yet limited, the chemical is generally regarded as safe for topical use by skincare experts. Several dermatologists across the globe are recommending CBD-infused products to their patients, explaining that if the product suits them, then there is no problem in continuing its use. Also, if someone ends up having a reaction after using a CBD skin product, then chances are that it’s not due to the CBD extract itself; rather, it could be some other ingredient, such as a botanical.

You’ll be able to access CBD quite easily in almost every state in the US, even though there is still some confusion regarding its precise legal status. With different degrees of regulation, the 50 states in the country have legalized CBD, and although it is still put in the same category as marijuana by the central government, it does not really impose against it. The Food & Drug Administration in 2015 decided to relax its regulatory requirements with regards to allowing researchers to carry on CBD trials.

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