CBD Topical Products May Be the Medical Treatment Dermatologists Are Looking For

If we take a look at traditional medicines across the world, there are few compounds that seem to be recurring in terms of use. The extracts of the Cannabis Sativa plant are one such ingredient found commonly in traditional remedies. Be it pain relief, or stress management or skin care, a few specific compounds from the Cannabis sativa plants seem to be the ‘go to’ solution in such treatment methods. Is this a coincidence or is this plant a source of beneficial compounds that can help tackle a variety of ailments??

Modern day science has delved into this question and come up with evidence to show that certain cannabis sativa compounds, especially cannabidiol, have significant therapeutic properties. These properties have been studied in the recent years quite deeply. Researchers have concluded that cannabidiol or CBD is certainly a natural compound to consider for its medicinal properties. If you have been noticing how so many new products on the skin care aisle in the local super market now advertise CBD, this is the reason behind it. In recent years, after studies have indicated CBD has many benefits for the skin, many brands have started exploring these further and incorporating the compound into product lines.

This is why apart from the CBD Pain Relief product ranges, you also find myriad CBD Facial Serum, CBD Face Cream, CBD Anti Aging Facial Serum, CBD Glow Oil products available. But why and how does a product from the infamous cannabis sativa plant have benefits for the skin??

CBD and the body’s own endocannabinoid system

Interestingly, the human body has its own cannabinoid based system known as the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Endocannabinoids are produced by the body itself. However, the body also responds and reacts with cannabinoids that we introduce from outside. CBD is one such cannabinoid that we can introduce to our body to get many beneficial effects.

When we use a CBD product what happens is that it reacts with the ECS system receptors. There are two such receptors, CB1 and CB2. These are found in the immune system and the nervous system. It has been seen that CBD can impact the ECS system significantly and bring out several changes in the physiology. This natural plant product helps by working on receptors that control pain perception and inflammation, both of which are involved in skin ailments. It also promotes homeostasis by reducing pain and swelling.

In short, there are many ways in which CBD can help with skin care. Traditional medicine used these compounds to promote skin heath, to give a youthful glow, to clear up skin rashes and infections. These are all benefits that CBD can certainly offer and research does back up this notion that this compound is great for skin care.

The myths about CBD

One of the reasons why CBD has been viewed with suspicion is its association with marijuana. Marijuana, the psychoactive compound that produces a high, is also derived from cannabis sativa plants. This association leads to a false assumption that CBD also may have similar effects. However, this is not true at all and CBD based products can be used freely without any anxiety about this.

CBD can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis, both of which come from the cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis that contains a high degree of THC is psychoactive. Marijuana falls under this category. However, in CBD, the THC level is usually so low as to be negligible. With levels of THC under 0.3%, CBD is neither psychoactive nor harmful in any way. THC binds with the CB1 receptors in the brain and results in a sense of euphoria or a high. CBD makes a very weak bond here with CB1 receptors. It needs THC to form a strong bond and when it is combined with THC, CBD actually negates some of the ‘high’ producing effects of THC. On its own, CBD cannot give you a high. CBD from hemp has such negligible levels of THC that you can use it without any fear of psychoactive impact.

To further prove this point, you can see that the FDA has removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act now. In over 30 states across the U.S., even medical cannabis with higher THC levels is legal. Recently, a drug containing CBD has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use with seizures of a specific kind. This drug, Epidiolex, is the only FDA approved cannabis derived drug. But it opens up new avenues for the entry of CBD into pharmaceuticals. This indicates that the benefits from these cannabis sativa products are far too many to ignore owing to the psychoactive nature.

Research about CBD for skin care

CBD has a host of benefits to offer that all make it a very valuable treatment course for skin ailments. Research has backed up the efficacy of this plant derivative in this field. There are several ailments and skin conditions for which CBD is used today quite commonly.

Eczema and CBD

The use of CBD in treating eczema has been extensively researched in recent times and the results have been favorable. The National Eczema.org website has information about CBD’s effects on atopic dermatitis, often clubbed with eczema. CBD has received a glowing report by none other than the founding editor of the JAMA Dermatology and one of the founding fathers of American Dermatology, Dr. Henry Piffard.

The first textbook on dermatological therapeutics was authored by him. In it, Dr. Piffard mentions how cannabis pills at bedtime may provide immense relief from the itching that results form eczema. Since this time, many studies have been carried out on CBD and its potential for use with such skin conditions. The conclusions have been in favor of using this plant derivative for skin care. In particular, the compound appears to have beneficial effects on:

  • Dry skin
  • Itch
  • Skin growth forming scales
  • Control of bacterial infections

Staphylococcus aureus colonization and CBD

Another significant way in which CBD may help with skin infections is that it works well to inhibit the growth of certain harmful microorganisms. Again a major problem in Atopic dermatitis, the S. aureus colonization intensifies the skin condition and also complicates the condition. CBD has anti- microbial qualities that work to curb the growth of this microorganism. This ensures that the condition does not worsen and also that the symptoms are subdued.

The study mentioned here in this article talks about how CBD may be one of the new age anti- microbials that are under perusal to combat novel classes of bacteria. The research found that CBD was effective against gram positive bacteria that includes S. aureus. Also known as MRSA, this is a particularly difficult strain of bacteria to treat. One of the lead researchers, research chemist Blaskovich in this press release from the American Society for Microbiology describes CBD in the following terms:

  • a promising new antibiotic
  • attractive owing to twin benefits of anti- microbial activity and anti- inflammatory effect
  • proven safe in humans
  • remarkably effective against range of gram- positive bacteria
  • effective against bacteria that have grown resistant to other antibiotics
  • a valuable aid in disrupting bio films that result in tough to treat infections

According to the researcher, CBD is well worth exploring further owing to the promise it shows in this regard.

Itch control

The NationalEczema.org article also talks about the anti- itch properties of CBD. It appears, from study on humans that endocannabinoid cream works very well to reduce the itch that arises from skin conditions like eczema. The severity of the urge to itch was reduced dramatically in the study subjects. Also, the CBD product improved sleep, which further leads to improvement in the overall condition. According to research mentioned in the organization’s article, about 38% of the study participants were able to reduce dependency on anti- histamines. Over 33% felt they could discontinue the steroids they had been using for the condition.

A CBD topical product like CBD skin cream or CBD skin lotion works on itching through cutaneous cannabinoid signaling. This takes place with the three layers of the skin being impacted and it promotes a healthy skin barrier. CBD aids in the skin barrier renewal as well when it has been broken down by a skin condition. This deep action is also the reason why CBD works well with skin scarring as research shows. This was seen in a study involving 20 patients with scarring arising from psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. The participants were given a CBD enriched ointment for use over a three month period. At the end of the period, it was seen that:

  • skin parameters significantly improved
  • no allergies were exhibited owing to CBD use
  • symptoms had significantly reduced

It appears that CBD is a simple, non- invasive cure for such conditions as well as skin inflammations that is safe and effective.

Anti- aging CBD

Apart from being anti- inflammatory and anti- itch, CBD may also function as an anti- ageing agent. In traditional medicine, CBD has been used as youth serum and with recent research into the product we can see why. Topical CBD skin creams and CBD skin lotions have been used with great results to restore skin beauty and youthfulness.

This plant product works well in this respect because of the presence of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These help improve the skin’s overall appearance. CBD also imparts a glow to the skin that is lost when stress or ill health takes a toll on it thanks to these. Research shows that CBD based products help exert antioxidant activity upon the skin. By eliminating free radicals, these products help skin regain lost elasticity and appear younger, fresher, smoother. The products also appear to help with smoothing out signs of premature aging such as wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

In addition to these, since CBD also helps restore skin homeostasis, there is less likelihood of eruptions, rashes, infections breaking out as well. In general, regular use of CBD facial creams or CBD facial serums results in healthier, younger, clearer skin.

The advantage with CBD skin products

The biggest advantage is perhaps that it is a natural product, derived from the lap of nature. For those who would like to avoid chemical formulations, this is a great alternative to choose when it comes to skin care creams. In addition, CBD has the advantage of being tried and tested over decades since traditional medicines across the globe have been utilizing this compound since times immemorial.

This is one compound that has been researched extensively in the recent years with the conclusion that it is safe and effective for use. The fact that no harmful side effects are seen is one of the biggest plus points with CBD face creams and other dermatological CBD products. This means that the product can safely be used by anyone with any skin type, even the most sensitive ones.

CBD products do not just work on specific skin problems like eczemas or dermatitis or rashes and infections, they have myriad other benefits to offer. For one, these products are very efficient when it comes to moisturizing the skin and helping it retain its hydration. This is how it works superlatively on resolving scaly, dry, rough skin issues, while promoting skin cell growth. Also, they help soothe the skin when there is a break out of acne or other similar infections and also address the inflammation. This two pronged approach helps curb these problems quickly and effectively.

CBD is thus a valuable addition to therapeutics when it comes to skin care, skin health and tackling skin problems. With more research being carried out year after year, it is only reasonable to expect that this compound will increasingly carve a larger foot hold in the dermatological products market in the future. Meanwhile, many reputed brands are entering the space already with a vast CBD skin care product range. With more users trying these out and sharing positive reviews, it is clear that the future is very bright for CBD based skin care.

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