Transdermal Application of CBD Products for Pain is a Great Non-addictive Nonopioid Therapy

When it comes to pain relief, there is a clear need for products that are safe, immediately effective, and viable for long-term use. Pain relief is sought by those suffering from conditions like arthritis or other muscular, degenerative ailments, too, not just those who have sustained injuries and need a solution for temporary pain. This is why there is much research on sustainable pain relief methods that can be used without side effects.

Since ailments like cancer or fibromyalgia also result in intense pain that can impair the quality of life significantly, research into pain relief that can be used safely with immediate effect is gaining well-deserved impetus in recent years.

Another aspect that needs to be factored in when looking at a pain relief remedy is that it has to be easy to use under a variety of situations and circumstances and for a variety of pains. For example, it should be easy to use during travel or when at work. Pain can occur at any time, and unless instant relief is achieved, the individual’s ability to function normally may be impaired significantly.


Cannabinoid-based solutions appear to fit the bill rather perfectly when these factors are all considered. This is why in recent years, you have such a host of CBD pain relief sprays, CBD pain relief roll-ons, CBD pain relief creams, and all making their way into mainstream pharmaceuticals. Walk into the health section of any supermarket or any health store, and you will find a whole host of products with this unusual ingredient.

However, there are still many who fear CBD or cannabinoid simply because of its association with the high inducing marijuana, which is also used for recreational purposes. The fears are misplaced, and they may be preventing you from reaching out to a very effective pain relief method quite unnecessarily.

CBD: A non- psychoactive hemp derivative

The very first thing to know is that, while CBD comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is also the source of marijuana, there is a world of difference between the two. This difference can be attributed in main to THC content in both. Marijuana has a high THC content, and it is this THC that is responsible for giving you the ‘high’ that comes from marijuana.

In CBD, which is usually derived from hemp, another variety of Cannabis Sativa plant, the THC content is so low as to be negligible. At these low levels, the THC can NOT result in a high. The CBD that is used in producing CBD pain relief spray, CBD pain relief roll-on and CBD pain relief cream comes from hemp and hence, is NOT psychoactive. The fear that using a CBD product may make you dependent on it extensively to the extent that you may be addicted is completely misplaced. In fact, many people switch to CBD pain relief options that can be applied over the skin so that they can avoid dependence on pain killer tablets. This makes these products an excellent option for those looking for non-addictive pain relief solutions.

A safe option for pain relief

CBD is increasingly being used for various purposes, and more and more people are migrating to CBD-based remedies from conventional ones in recent times. The reason is that a lot of research has come out in recent times about this plant-based compound, showing that it is safe and effective.

According to a survey involving more than 2400 participants, over 60% of them used CBD to address a medical condition, one of the top three among these being pain. More than 35% of the respondents were very happy with the effect that CBD had for the specific condition they used it for, and they confirmed that the CBD product alone was effective, not in conjunction with anything else.

Other research projects shows that CBD works well with chronic pain from neuropathic causes and fibromyalgia as well. Cannabis has actually been in use for decades across the globe and finds a place in most traditional medicines. It has been used for pain relief by all cultures.

CBD as a solution for both chronic and breakthrough pain

One of the most difficult-to-manage symptoms of ailments like cancer is the pain that accompanies the condition. In the case of this disease, for example, the pain itself may be of different kinds- acute, chronic, and breakthrough pain.

Chronic pain may be mild to severe, and its onset happens abruptly or slowly. It lasts for a longer duration, typically over three months, and can have a serious impact on your quality of life and ability to function normally. While this kind of pain cannot be eliminated without eliminating the root cause, it can be managed with pain medication.

Breakthrough pain, on the other hand, is pain that breaks through the ‘barrier’ of pain medication that you are taking regularly and makes itself felt. This is a common occurrence in those suffering from cancer where normal pain medication sometimes fails to control this severe pain. This kind of pain flares up suddenly and is generally very intense. It may last up to an hour and can recur at different times of the day, very badly disrupting your day. This kind of pain may arise during some specific activity or even when you are at rest, so it is difficult to pinpoint a cause and avert it at all times.

For those suffering from cancer and such pains, it is imperative to find effective pain relief that can tackle these two kinds of pain so that the quality of life can be safeguarded as far as possible. Research has shown that CBD pain relief may be very effective in tackling both chronic as well as breakthrough pain. It has been seen that the transdermal application of CBD works very well with chronic pain, whereas nasal delivery works with breakthrough pain.

Why transdermal application may work better

We are all familiar with topical skin applications for pain. However, there is a significant difference between topical applications and transdermal ones. The transdermal formulations are designed to offer deeper, better penetration into the skin across the painful area and thus work faster and more effectively.

CBD pain relief creams that are designed for transdermal penetration have other benefits to offer as well. This mode of penetration ensures that the pain relief cream penetrates the skin optimally, reaching deeper layers so that more pain relief can be achieved.

The body’s adverse gastrointestinal environment is bypassed with the transdermal application of pain relief cream. Since this is not habit-forming, the cream can be used long term without worries about making it an addiction. The transdermal cream is also easy to apply to a very specific, localized area that needs to be targeted for pain relief. These medications are often developed in such a way that the compounds can penetrate the skin deeply and cross the skin barrier, thus ensuring better distribution of the pain relief than you would achieve with a topical pain relief lotion or cream.

In addition, it is seen that transdermal pain relief solution helps avoid other drug interactions/drug reactions and side effects as well that can arise from ingestion of tablets or liquids for pain relief. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer CBD pain relief creams and lotions or sprays to tablets that may be habit-forming.

Avoiding opioids

Opioids are quite a common solution for pain-related issues and are often prescribed by physicians. Pain killer addiction is not something unheard of at all, but when the pain killer in question belongs to the category described as opioids, the danger suddenly looms larger. Many opioids, such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Dilaudid, and Demerol have been mentioned in this report as warranting extra caution if you are recommended to use them. The report mentions an addiction psychiatrist’s warning stating that using this category of pain killers for more than 30 days may cause the user to develop tolerance to them. When the medication is stopped, the individual may experience withdrawal symptoms. Also, when the pain relief is needed again, more of the drugs may be needed to get the same pain relief effect as it delivered the previous time.

There have been red flags raised about the misuse of opioids by patients who have grown used to them. Studies show that almost 30% of individuals who are prescribed these pain meds misuse them, and quite an alarming number of fatalities can be attributed to such misuse/overdose. A possibility of dependence on the drug is seen in many cases with opioids. This is one reason why many people wish to avoid these drugs even if they are suffering from chronic pain if they have not yet started to use them.

However, this may not be the solution, since pain can significantly impair the quality of life and ability to carry out basic functions. As an alternative, ideally, a non-habit-forming remedy can be used, and this is where CBD pain relief plays a key role. As a non-opioid-based formulation that is also non-psychoactive, CBD pain relief sprays, CBD pain relief roll-ons, and CBD pain relief creams are a good alternative that you can use without fear of developing a dependence upon them.

Is there any evidence to prove that CBD-based pain relief is a batter, safer alternative to opioids?

Thankfully, research is being done in this area, and so far, the conclusions are hearteningly in favor of these plant-based compounds. Based on research, it is possible to say that CBD-based pain relief does help opioid-dependent patients wean away from the latter slowly but surely.

In a study that involved 97 patients from a pain management center, eight weeks of data were collected and analyzed. Patients between the ages of 30 and 65 who had been using opioids for a year were chosen for the research. When CBD-rich extract was added to what they were being given, about 53% of the patients reported that they had reduced the amount of opioids they took or completely eliminated them at the end of the eight week period. Almost all of the 97 patients reported that their quality of life had improved after taking the CBD extracts. The results prompted the conclusion that CBD for pain relief can eliminate the use of opioids and reduce dependence in those who have been on opioids for a long period as well.

It has also been seen that certain kinds of pain, such as that experienced by fibromyalgia patients, may be addressed more effectively by a combination of CBD and THC. A study that researched four different CBD variants in such patients found that pain management was more effective with a THC-CBD combined pain relief medication. CBD may be an effective additive to other compounds in terms of its ability to increase pain relief efficacy.

When it comes to CBD pain relief, research is still very much underway to find more effective combinations of the plant-based compound that may yield even better results. However, there is enough evidence now to reassure that merely because it is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD medications need not be avoided and that, in fact, they are quite effective in pain relief.

Apart from its pain relief properties, CBD may also work well in helping people with addiction wean away from the product that they are dependent upon. The study took into account several people who had in the past abused heroin, which is an illegal opioid, and found that CBD did reduce the anxiety and cravings for the drug. Further research is required to prove beyond doubt that CBD can indeed help people leave an opioid addiction behind because if it can, then this could bring about a sea of change in safe pain management as well as reduce fatalities attributed to drug overdose for prescription pain medications.

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